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Referrals (when listed)- These dogs are NOT in the Heartland programme, but they still need love and a forever home; other Rescues, Shelters, Private Rescues or Owners provide their own descriptions, terms, & guarantees.



Golden of the Month

Hunter IV

desperately needs his own family, he's been waiting a long time








***Golden Friends****

Unable to Adopt?  Unable to Foster?  Click here to find out how you can help one of these Goldens by adopting a Virtual Golden Companion.  These goldens are marked with ***



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Check out these sites     

Michael's Art

      American Kennel Club   

Alabama Animal Rescue

Oak Ridge Animal Shelter

Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley

Virtual Breeding 


For more Golden and other Breed Rescue Organisations - Click here







Read about Bud's Cause here


Meet our adoptable Goldens

If you are interested in any of these wonderful dogs  and   have not yet completed an application we encourage you to do so. Please click on the Adoption Procedure link, then go to On-line application; complete and submit. We need to have your application in hand so we can check references and do a home visit before the match can be made for you. Please note, that at times, not all of our available Goldens are displayed here.  It could well be that the one that  is the correct match for you has not yet had his/her photo taken; likewise the Golden that  catch's  your eye may not be the right one for you.


We urgently need foster homes; if you can provide one please call 865/694-5477








Logan - ~ 15mo very  insecure and afraid; needs to be with adults only, with someone who will understand his needs - great with other dogs and cats; housebroken. Feeling very unsettled and not doing well at the kennels 

Gretchen - a ~9mo golden wannabe; very very sweet; good with children and other pets; housebroken

McGuyver - young boy ~2yo - loves to play gets on great with Walker when they have to be kenneled together - will be a fun dog to own but lacks basic manners

Walker - - needs an owner who will teach him basic obedience and keep him busy; was in a house at one time then relegated to the yard; ~2yo very good looking dog

Maggie - ~1-2yo is a sweet girl with her humans and loves attention but we feel she needs to be the only dog as she can be very alpha.  Ok with cats

Dudley - is a great dog, about 6yo, he does have hip dysplasia; gets on great with other dogs and cats.  Walked in two Christmas parades and had a great time with all the children.  His new foster parents are saying his is worming his way into their hearts - more photos here

Hunter has been with us over a year;  he is such a great dog thanks to the TLC of his foster mother; he's about 5yo; gets on great with the many other siblings he lives with.  Does need to be kept on medication (but not costly)- Read his story here

***Shayna*** the poor little girl - frightened of her own shadow; had been with a collector for a few years no socialisation;  gets on fine with other dogs but her current foster mother is having to give her up due to personnal problems.  She has made a little progress with Shayna in the two months she has had her - Read her story here

***Barkley*** - is under 2years of age and has never been socialised;  he needs a gentle person who will work with him and help overcome his fear of the human race.  Gets on fine with other dogs

Cisco a young boy rescued from an AL shelter; not fully evaluated yet; active needs obedience training do not have a good photo of him yet either

***Jake***, senior boy in sad shape brought in from an area shelter. Our vet wants to get him in better shape before proceeding with needed surgery

Morgan a sweetheart about 6-7yo - he just wants to snuggle;  No history on him gets on fine with other dogs; a full evaluation has not been undertaken yet

***Rambler *** new to the programme and needs Heartworm treatment so will not be available for adoption for a couple of months. He came into the shelter all beat up and yes he does have blue on his tongue but he is ALL GOLD



for more information please email


or call 865/694-5477 (9am-9pm Eastern time)

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Music with permission from John Foster